Steph Ryan MP.

Today, Saturday 8th February, North Eastern Archers had a special visitor at Come & Try.

The Honourable Steph Ryan MP came, at our invitation, to have a look at our club, have a go at Archery and speak to members of North Eastern Archers and representatives of Golden Vale Golf Club.
Laura signed her in as a Come and Try participant and I set her up to go have a shoot. On the way to the range, we discussed the size of our club and the various other disciplines that could be offered by us given the opportunity. I told her that we had members who often compete in National events as well as hosting them ourselves.
We discussed many aspects of our club, our sport, and our facilities. She seemed quite shocked by the fact that our member catchment area was so wide and the large diversity available in our sport to cater for all ages and abilities.
I then handed her over to Shelley for some instruction. She seemed to enjoy herself and agreed that she had.

We returned to the clubhouse, meeting Darryl and Paul from GVGC on the way.
We all sat and spoke about much-needed repairs to the building and available grants for both construction and sporting equipment.
Steph suggested that we contact her assistant and be added to her grants contact list, this means the club will get immediate notification of any available or upcoming grants.

At the end of the visit, North Eastern Archers presented Steph with a club shirt and badge, which she happily accepted.

I believe both clubs and Steph herself came out with a positive outlook.